Our unique curriculum, which is paced according to the typical learning experiences of Nigerian students has a scope and sequence that is designed to be instructional as well as age-appropriate. Students who have successfully completed the tutorial with us know two things. The first is that we believe all students have the capacity to perform well and the second is that hard work pays off; what you put in is what you get out.  With care, we encourage students to learn the content and to improve their score. 


Who Should Take the SAT Class?

Certainly, any student who thinks that he might attend a university in the US should take the SAT class. When to enrol in the tutorial however will depend on the family; however, we strongly advise students to start preparing for the test in SS1 to give them more practice time to achieve high test scores

Following is a recommended preparation timetable.

• Students starting in SS1 will be able to learn at a relaxed pace. The planned schedule will allow students to cover SAT topics in their regular classes, especially mathematics.


• Students starting in their SS2 year will have less review time but as they are in a senior year, they would have covered most of the SAT topics in their regular classes.

• We do not recommend students begin SAT lessons for the first time at the start of their SS3 year. Instead, they should first enrol in our summer classes. They can then join ongoing SAT classes when school starts in September to take the test in December or in March of the New Year.