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Over the last few days, we have received so many emails from students and parents worrying about the WAEC postponement. The anxiety can be deeply felt in these emails. We want to encourage you because there is good news - you have quite a number of options!

This delay has meant students have more time to study than they would normally have had. It’s important not to get fatigued by studying without an end date in sight. A regular schedule and effective study strategies can help you perform even better, and perhaps gain better scholarships. I have highlighted the below details to shed some light on your options:

- Some private Nigerian universities are continuing intake screening so get a head start on those applications now. Show them your level of interest by applying before the WAEC timetable gets updated.

- If you were previously undecided about A-level programs, now is the time to really consider it. This may allow students to enter Year Two of university. For particularly strong students, you can try an accelerated program and be in university by next year’s session.

- As the current situation affects all schools globally, 6th form colleges and international universities are now adapting their admissions to adjust to the new development. School reports and mocks, or the IGCSE may be accepted for now.

- Many colleges and universities are starting online classes and offering significant discounts. Imagine the savings on fees without the added cost of accommodation.

In the worst case, if students do lose months, a Gap Year can help to sharpen focus and gain some maturity before starting university. This period just might be a gift. You definitely have options to consider. So reach out to schools or to KLS - we are always here to help.

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