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It is an awesome feeling to know that you have finally put secondary school behind you. You made it through the long hours of classes, assignments, tests, examinations, practicals, extracurriculars, fun school events, boring school events, great times with friends, tough times with school authorities…such a seemingly endless list but you pulled through. Congratulations!

However, things are going to be somewhat different, going forward.

Now that you are through with secondary school, what next?

The most logical thing is to prepare for the next level of your academic career, of course. Now, you are thinking about admission to the university of your dreams, studying the course that you are most passionate about. This is a process and it requires time. Even if you took the JAMB this year and you were offered admission into a university, you may still have to wait weeks or months before the course begins, right?

So, what do you do with the time you now have on your hands, while waiting for your university admission to fall into place? Here are a few suggestions:

Discover Yourself

All through secondary school, your daily routine was determined for you by others. Be in class at eight a.m., take a lunch break at noon, engage in sports on Thursdays, go for prep at five p.m., etc. Now it is time to plan your own daily schedule and to discover what you really enjoy doing, what you want to study, the difference you want to make in the world and so much more. Discover what you are passionate about, try a new hobby, take a gap year to do internships, learn new skills and work on your bucket list, if you have one.

Learn New Skills

You definitely learnt a lot in secondary school in terms of academics but there are so many new skills waiting to be acquired. Digital skills are now very important. Some websites, such as Codecademy and Coursera, offer free training for digital skills like coding/programming and digital marketing. Feel free to contact us for more information that can help you achieve some of the above.

Visit New Places

The world is definitely a far bigger place than your family’s home and school, which are probably where you spent most of your time in the past. Now, you can visit places that are affordable for you and learn so much more about other places, people, cultures, history, etc. You could visit places of historical importance in your local community or beyond, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Oban Hills Cross-River, Idanre Hills Ondo and Ancient Kano City Walls, as current health protocols permit.

Make New Friends

You probably won’t be seeing some of your secondary school friends again. So, now is a great time to expand your social circle. By trying out some of the activities suggested above, you can meet new people and make new friends to make your experiences in life even more exciting than what you have enjoyed in the past. Building positive relationships is key.

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