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The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test for people who want to study abroad or apply for a visa in some English-speaking countries. It checks your skill or “proficiency” in four main areas; how well you speak, write, listen to and read in English.

Your IELTS result comes out as a Band Score. The lowest score is Band 0 and the highest possible score is Band 9. Check out our website for what each band score means. The higher your band, the better your command of English. You can get a different band score in each skill area. You should aim for a good band score in all areas. Try to avoid any weak band, especially in writing for university. The band score for a visa depends on the country, but a 7 is a solid band for direct university admission. Obviously, scoring high on the IELTS is crucial to achieving your academic or migration goals.

The following are some basic strategies that we know will help you score high on the IELTS.

1. Prepare Well In Advance!

Success is not a product of chance. Spend time to understand the format of the test. Try having a regular study routine to become familiar with the test until exam day.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice.

The more you practice how to answer IELTS questions, the likelier you are to get a high Band score on test day. Try to simulate actual test conditions; answer the questions strictly within the time allotted.

3. Don’t Restrict Yourself to Practice Tests Alone.

People speak English all over the world, including in Nigeria. So, you literally have unlimited opportunities to improve your skills. Practice with instant messaging apps and during daily interactions with people around you, especially native English speakers

4. Enroll in an IELTS Test Preparation Class.

While you can study for the IELTS on your own, you can learn a lot from a class. Experienced tutors can guide you on specific ways to tackle the exam. A test prep class can make all the difference – if you plan to ace the test!

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