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Online schooling can be overwhelming for teenagers, particularly because they’re physically disengaged from the regular structured learning environment a school offers and the company of their friends. As students navigate through these tough times, we advise that they schedule some time to unwind in order to maintain a decent intellectual health. An excessive amount of stress can thwart a student’s capacity to perform well and accomplish learning outcomes.

We have highlighted five activities which will help your child relax:

  • Help your child to prioritize tasks. Figure out the most productive time for your child and guide him towards exploiting that time span to get the most of his studying done. His less productive times can be utilized for activities that are more physically than intellectually charged.

  • Find a healthy balance between school work and fun time. Everyone needs downtime - as much as you want to make sure your child is concentrating on schoolwork, allowing some time to do whatever fulfills him/her is equally important. This can be achieved by encouraging short breaks in between long stretches of study.

  • Regular exercise: Encourage your child to go on daily walks/run, or any physical activity he/she enjoys. This aids a good night’s rest and gives teenagers better dispositions to tackle daily activities.

  • Limit screen time: Despite the fact that students are growing up within the tech-age, research has indicated that social media and other content on the web are often significant stressors for teenagers and cause depression and other negative emotions if not managed correctly.

  • Encourage him/her to learn new skills: Urge your child to channel any anxious energy into learning a new skill that he may grow to appreciate. It could be from a wide-ranging set of interests such as writing, handcrafts, photography to coding.

Please feel free to contact us if you need resources to help your child achieve better outcomes. We are happy to help guide your teenagers as they try to figure out their next steps in life.

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