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The past few days have been so difficult to process for the entire world. Alarming reports on senseless killings in the US and here at home have cast a dark cloud on everyone. We grieve with the communities of colour that have had to confront prejudice for many years. We grieve with women that have had to endure assault. We grieve with everyone that is hurting presently. This is an intense period, yet we will overcome this better and more grounded than we might have expected.

It also makes you ponder - Is the US my only choice?

In the past, the US has consistently been a popular choice for international students. Cultural diversity and campus life, reputation, wide-ranging programmes and career opportunities are only a few reasons why the US is a hot-spot for international students. In the light of the visa limitations and tense social situations, international students are now compelled to examine the feasibility of attending a university in the US. There are important factors to deliberate on when making this decision:

  • Family ties/Network

  • Financials

  • Location

  • Degree course

What we know for certain is that this is such an important decision to make, and that you may need the guidance of an educational consultant to steer this path for you. We help students consider and access all the options available spanning across continents, but ultimately the decision comes down to you.

We are hopeful that they will resolve the instability in the US in no time. Know, however, that KLS partners with over 80 universities worldwide and can connect you to any country of your choice. Whatever you decide, we are happy to help!

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