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We are inviting your children to join Key Learning Solutions for a transformative experience that will help them forge their path in life with a sense of purpose, adventure, social contribution, and fun. 

The Ultimate Gap Year Program in Lagos 


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A Path to a Successful University Experience


The Key Learning Solutions' Gap Year is a transformational program that invites you to try more complex work, sharpen your thinking and challenge your capacity in the year before university.  It is a highly academic community engagement program for school leavers who want an exploratory, cohort-based experience that prepares them for university and beyond.


Prepare for the academic rigor of university.  We know that it is important to remain academically strong so that you can start university sharp and ready to take on any challenging course. 

Choose from:

  • WAEC

  • Advanced Placement Courses (US)  

  • Canadian High School Diploma

All courses are taught by US and Canadian teachers while our expert instructors provide tutoring guidance and supervision.


Gain work-readiness skills from the Gap Year through the Work part of the program. You may know already what you want to study in university, but if you do not, we will help you make that plan as we offer career and university planning. Our internship teaches computer, research, and presentation skills practically. KLS has developed unique partnerships with institutions that provide a virtual social responsibility internship on meaningful projects. You will be serving Lagos State communities while learning project management, and other work skills


Our gap year alumni have all gone on to pursue higher education in Nigeria and overseas. We guarantee you that you can apply to university anywhere in the world, but with our ever-growing list of partner universities, your options continue to grow for more streamlined university applications. Of course, scholarships and financial aid applications are included too.


What people say

Our students enjoy the rigorous, but personalised experience they receive. We keep the cohort small so that each student can really get the transformation and the focused attention they need. Do not take just our word for it. Swipe to hear unsolicited feedback from alumni


KLS GAP Year Program

Since 2006, Key Learning Solutions has been working with youth to prepare them for a successful future. 

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