Who will teach you?

The online courses are taught by teachers directly from the USA.  The Canadian pathway is in partnership with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma programme. The teachers are all directly from Canada and you will get all your materials. For practical classes, you will have laboratory sessions in Lagos which will also help you to round out all the virtual labs. You will have our tutors here in Lagos who will also help you to work on your essays and stay on top of the work.

How will you learn and where will classes be? 

The program is virtual, except if you opt for additional lab days. Using interactive games and activities, you will improve your studies. Don’t forget that tutors are on ground in Lagos to help you stay on course. With the Personal Development part of the gap year, your university application will also be very well rounded. Your internship will not be you shadowing anyone. You will actually be working! So, are you ready? Even though classes are online, you will have real-time interactions with other members of your cohort and programme staff.

What will a typical day be like?

The class schedule is Monday to Friday from 9 AM-4 PM daily with the following blocks:

  • Morning Meeting

  • Individualised Classes

  • Test Prep

  • Advisory/Applications

  • Internship

  • Closing Meeting

There will also be opportunities to socialize and take trips- even virtually!  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for social distancing.

Is it right for you?

A gap year programme is an ideal way to stay involved in meaningful activities and work that will keep you on track while waiting to apply to university.  In that year, you will mature and develop an application portfolio that helps you know yourself better and apply to a university that fits you.  Be different from all the other applicants and stand out. Global Citizen Year gave top ten reasons to take a Gap Year including, breakout out of the classroom walls, learning invaluable soft skills, boosting job and internships prospects even before university.


We could not agree more! Check out their complete list of reasons here:

How can you use the Canadian High School Diploma?

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma program prepares you to be successful anywhere in the world.  Although it is only one-year long, it is comparable to doing an A-level program and is accepted not only in Canada, but at all the top universities worldwide, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Science Po.  Did you know that you cannot apply to Oxford and Cambridge with a foundation program? The standards are so high, that you can with the OSSD. If you are considering living and working in Canada, this is an affordable option because you can complete the diploma in Nigeria, while earning time towards a work permit.