Advisory Services

KLS  is not simply a placement company. Rather, our goal is to help you to understand and decide upon your post-secondary options. 

Those who get the most of our services start early. We work with you to identify the right combination of courses, test prep,  and activities to get to know yourself and to thrive academically and professionally. KLS has over 50 university pathways all worldwide, but our hallmark is that we work with you to find and apply to any school that is an ideal fit for your interests and unique needs. 

Our Advisory Program advisory allows educational institutions to provide students with holistic guidance on how to maximize their secondary experience so that they can excel at university and professionally.  It is ideal for students in senior secondary school or university.

A unique part of the KLS experience is that we teach socio-cultural and transition skills to help you be successful not only academically, but also socially wherever you are. We firmly believe that exposure to experiences that make youth safely uncomfortable and which challenge their status quo helps to sharpen their thinking and to mature them. These are what Key Learning Solutions is working on. 

We do this through our discussion-based courses, community engagement and work-experience program. When students move on to university, they are ready to take on the variety of people and experiences that comes with that stage of life. 

Learn how we can work with you, your child, or your school today.