Before I went to Key  Learning Solutions, I was completely ignorant and unprepared for my SATs and the long and tedious experiences called college applications. At Key Learning Solutions, I was set straight. I got my head out of the clouds and focused. I stopped procrastinating and I learnt the importance of multi-tasking.  If not for KLS I would not have done so well in my SATs and I probably would not have gained a scholarship to one of the best universities in Texas.



A Ejiroghene


I knew next to nothing about the US College selection and application process and my sons all wanted to study in the States. Luckily, a parent at our school introduced me to KLS and they were excellent! They walked my sons through the entire process and especially guided their essay writing, patiently going through dozens of rewrites, thereby helping them produce winning application essays. They are both in the US studying in respected universities and I am deeply grateful to [them]. I would most certainly recommend Key Learning Solutions for their very personal and specifically tailored excellent service.



Mrs. N Ojeikere

Key Learning Solutions

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